Valve Banned Over 40,000 Steam Users after the Summer Sale

Valve Anti-Cheat system banned more than 40,000 Steam users. This happened on the next day after the end of Summer Sale 2017. It is the biggest ban-wave in Steam’s history till date. There was a previous record of 15,000 users banned on October 2016. But, this is almost three times the previous record.

Steam Database (via Dot Esports) informed about it. A VAC ban means losing access to online gaming that supports VAC as an anti-cheat. Competitive games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheaters are the main target.


Valve banned all those offenders in order to prevent them from using the games they got at a discount during the sale on another account and continue cheating.

As a result the Cheaters have lost the money they spent during the sale, and the games they bought. Valve also removed adding unclaimed Steam gifts to one’s inventory. No way of buying multiple copies of the same game to later gift it to other alternate accounts. VAC-banned users will lose their CS:GO skins which can be worth thousands of dollars.

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