Reliance Jio Launches World’s Largest Submarine Cable System

Reliance Jio launches the Asia-Africa-Europe (AAE-1) submarine cable system. The AAE-1 cable will help to meet the demand for video centric content India. It featured on 100Gbps transmission technology and can deliver upto 40 Terabits of new capacity.

India is one of the largest growing mobile network market and Reliance Jio has an important role in this matter. They are providing 4G connectivity at a very low price. It has become the fastest growing network providing company in the world with 100 million customers.

Submarine cable System
Jio submarine cable system


Submarine Cable System

The AAE-1 is a 25000km consortium submarine cable system connecting South-East Asia to Europe via Egypt. Itis the largest submarine cable in almost 15 years.

One of the unique features of AAE-1 is while it terminates in Singapore, it also continues further in Asia via diverse terrestrial route across Thailand connecting Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. This routing enables AAE-1 to have one of the lowest latencies between Hong Kong, India, Middle-East and Europe.

The new terabit capacity and 100Gbps direct connectivity to global content hubs and interconnection points ensure that Jio will continue to offer its customers the most exceptional high speed internet and digital service experience,” stated Mathew Oommen, President-Jio. “We are excited to participate in the launch and deliver the cable landing in Mumbai at the time when India’s data traffic continues its accelerated data consumption and growth.”

The company will provide the Network Operations & Management for AAE-1 Cable System. The Network Operations Center (NOC) will use a state of the art facility in Navi Mumbai.





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